Rising Stars

By Andrew Westmark

Baby Hope

Have you ever wanted to play in the majors, well Frank Castillo was a former baseball player (he was a pitcher). Castillo played for 6 teams.He also spent a decade in the Major Leagues. He played for cubs when he died. His 2 daughters had to survive with his wife. Castillo's nickname was baby hope.

He was murdered in 2013 July 29th. He was also on a boat when he died.(he was drowned by a friend arrested the man at a restraint. Baby hope was 44 when he died or got murdered.

Corando Jurasem who was 52 murdered Castillo, and killed Angelica Castillo. Castillo was also cousins with the girl that was killed. Castillo or Baby hope is still remembered today by a bunch of people.

Historic Baseball Fields

Cubs first game was against the Pirates. It was also was the opening day. Played in Chicago which was and is the home field for Chicago Cubs. Almost the most fans they ever had. They ended the game 2-5 and lost against the Pirates

Wrigley Field is the 2nd most historic field. It was finished in 1914 when the stadium was up but not everything was there that is today 41,159 people there on their first game. They had 4 different team names Chicago Cubs, Chicago Orphans, Chicago Colts, Chicago White Stockings were all of their names.

Their first home run hit was by their catcher Art Wilson. Bleachers and scoreboard were constructed in 1932 and have been replaced now. Bleachers were 11.5 feet tall. there were 2 offices behind the home plate one of them was a upper deck the other one was a lower deck.

Top Ten Teams

1.St Louis Cardnals 2.Detroit Tigers 3.Los Angelos 4.San Fransisco Giants 5.New York Mets 6.Chicago Cubs 7.Dodgers 8.Chicago White Socks 9.Boston Red Socks 10.New York Yankees.

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