Floods Ravage South Africa

By: Quinlan, Jacob, Marissa, and Nathan

The Flood

Cyclone Eline poured gallons of rain upon the South Africa coast and caused flooding everywhere. It has caused mass chaos among the people who have lost their homes or lost electricity. People from around the area believe that the floods that have occurred are the beginning of the end. Bohanan has told me, "I was enjoying a nice calm evening when I noticed the flood waters rising in the streets and then coming in to my house. This is a very bad time right now and it will be interesting to see how this is going to play out." We also traveled down farther south and talk to a young lad named Rohan, "We wouldn't know what we would do if the cyclones came and hit our area."


The flood in South Africa has affected the people of South Africa. There are many people, black and white, who was affected, and yet have not solved their problems of apartheid. The flood destroyed many homes, counted at 463,000 were left homeless, and killed a good amount of people. “My home was destroyed along with the rest of my village.” Said one South African, whose home was destroyed, along with her family and friends home. “Why us, we knew it was coming, but why us. I pray that the rest of the country is still okay.” Another worried person, worried about her country and friends. The flood had demolished mainly Mozambique, which was the most affected by the flood, and has the most scars, emotional and physical.

Life Before

Before the floods that South Africa experienced, South Africa was a semi arid, subtropical climate. In the place that the flood mostly affected, Mozambique, they speak Portuguese and Makhuwa, Sena, and Swahili. They are one the most underdeveloped and poorest countries in the world. The Mozambique people had a war, called the Mozambican Civil War, that lasted from 1977 to 1992. Even though the war happened a while ago the people are still living in poverty and have low education levels and poor health-care. The people washed their clothes and cars in rivers. They live in small shacks and tents and a lot of their jobs involve tourism.

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