News from Room 4

December 15, 2017

Important Information

No Spelling Next Week

Due to the Holiday Show, movie party, and holiday crafts, we won't move onto the the next language arts unit therefore, there will be no spelling test next week.

Holiday Show

Remember to get here early and there will be plenty of parking across the street at Horizon. Our class will be on the left side if you're looking at the stage.

Bring a Change of Clothing

Please dress your child in nice clothing but you may want to send in a change of clothing. Monday afternoons we do attend PE and art.

Holiday Movie

On Friday, the first grade will watch a holiday movie, drink hot coco, and they can wear PJ's. Please also send in a pillow and blanket or sleeping bag.

Bike Donations

Dear Parents,

Do you have a gently used bike sitting in your

garage that no one is riding?

My name is Kristin Alpert and I’m a parent at Solana Santa Fe.

I’m in the process of leading a community service project and

wanted to reach out to the parents of SSF to help with an easy,

quick project that will add happiness to a local child’s life.

Beginning December 11 th - December 17 th I will arrange a time

to pick up bikes from your home and insure that they are

delivered to local child in need. This year I’m asking for bikes

that are in good condition and don’t need repairs.

Please email/text me to set up a time for pick up at:


Thank you,



Today, Lauren presented her Family Traditions through a Power Point. The class was very engaged in how her family celebrates the holidays. We were very "Wowed" that her tree had lit candles on it. It goes back to a German tradition but she did confess they blew them out right after the picture for fire precautions. :)
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We talked about trees that produce fruit then tried a persimmon. We all loved it and wanted more. The next day Elise, brought in a few more from her own persimmon tree! Thanks Elise!

Friendships and Anger

We watched two videos on Brainpop Jr. about Friendships and Anger then followed them up with a great discussion about what makes us angry. It sounds like our line is the most difficult time for many and discussed how it makes us feel when others cut in front of others. We came up with a few solutions and hopefully our line will be more peaceful in the future.
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Quinn and Mrs. Offerman

We had visitors this Wednesday and the kids were so excited to see their Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Offerman and meet her 2 month old daughter Quinn!
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Upcoming Events:

-Holiday Show - December 18th at 8:45 Don't forget!!!

-Winder Break: December 25th - January 5th No School!


Christy Campbell