Athletes getting overpaid

Are athletes getting paid too much?


All of the athletes are getting paid way too much, and they want more. An average athlete is getting paid 400,00-1,800,00 dollars a year according to studies. The athletes are entertaining us, they are good at what they do and the athletes are going through injuries. Based on reporters and researchers said that most of the athletes are getting over paid and want more.

Athletes pay is excessive when compared to people living in poverty.

  • In the US there is 11% of people that are homeless
  • 500 million people in the world are homeless
  • people living in poverty are making 23,021 dollars

Despite huge salaries some athletes feel they deserve more.

  • One athlete said im getting paid 14 million and won't be able to feed my family, and average family makes 50,054 dollars and a family in poverty is making 23,021 dollars
  • athletes think that they are worth more than they are gettng
  • with in the past 10 years professional athletes seem to be complaining about everything and anything regarding money.

Athletes with excessive salaries and life styles are model a lack of economic sense

  • Tiger Woods is making 50 million and it is still difficult to cover his Iavish lifestyle.
  • Eddy Curry had a fortune of 70 million playing in the NBA, but a series of bad financial decisions left him in a tight financial spot. According to fox sports reporters
  • Evander Holyfield has made more than 250 million and it all is gone. He has 11 children and he is $9000 in child support money. He owes $500 dollars from a landscaping firm that was doing all the yard work.