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Monday 19 September 2016

Garden work.

Term 3

Hello everyone,

It is great to see classes on board with the Zones of Regulation, encouraging the homework tasks and using some of the language with our students. I have already noticed some changes to the way a couple of students are managing themselves.

Thank you to those members of staff who have completed their staff satisfaction surveys. This feedback is valuable and helps to paint a picture of the health of our school. If you have not yet completed your survey please do so by the end of next week. Helen will take the student survey with a selection Grade 5 students in the Superlab on Wednesday after lunch.

We have now finished our Options Afternoons for this year. This initiative was a great success and allowed us to offer a range of different learning experiences to different groupings of students. We will be continuing and expanding this program in 2017 so if you have any ideas or suggestions please don't hesitate to share them with me.

Just a reminder that we have reached that time in the school year that we all need to be re-visiting our PDP goals. Early next term the leadership team will be meeting with staff to view evidence and discuss progress towards goals. If you require any support with this please let me know.

Teachers please ensure any rubbish is disposed off and rooms are free of clutter in readiness for cleaning over the holiday period. School attendants will be cleaning classrooms during the first week of the holidays.

Have a great last week of term!

Security Reminder

School attendants have asked teachers to be mindful to check windows and doors at the end of each day in each classroom in which you work as a number of window and doors have been left unsecured at the end of the day.

Dance Event

Our in-school Mini Dance Event will take place at school next Thursday 22 September between recess and lunch on the courts. Parents and families are invited to attend.



A reminder that all articles, photos etc. for Focus need to be saved into the .schoolzine folder on the staff share - 'O' drive. Focus articles can no longer be directly emailed to Karen and all staff need to be responsible for saving material into the appropriate folders by the Friday of newsletter week. If you are not sure please refer to the guide that Karen has prepared. Please ensure that all students have permission for their photos to be shared on the web.

Thank you to all those clever people who have created videos and movies for sharing through Focus. The feedback from parents is very positive and they love seeing what is happening in our school on a daily basis.



LIL B4School Playgroup 9-00 am to 10-30 am LIL Room

Tony Clancy - LSL - Karen Higgins (entire week)


LIFT morning tea @ Grindelwald with Juanita De Grivers - 10-00 am until 11-30 am

Salaka Interactive Drumming Performance in PAC - 9-05 am Grade 2, 3 and 4 - 10-05 am Grade Kinder, Prep and 1's

SM - Analyse class results - NAPLAN


Footsteps dance trial in Gym 9-05 am Grade 4's 9-35 am Grade 3's

Prep-Grade 2's attending Peter Pan and City Park

LIL Book Fun Fun 9-10 am to 10-10 am

LIL Dance Fun 10-30 am to 10-35am

Student Survey selected Grade 5s in Superlab @1.50

Alison, Helen and Jen meeting @LSNR 3-30


Whole School Assembly - Host 3 Tulk, presentation of Totem Pole and Musician visit 10-25 am

Dance Event on Netball Courts 11-40 am to 1-00 pm

SM - In staff room


Pre Kinder 9-05 am to 10-35 am and 11-35 am to 1-05 pm

3/4 Gala Day

Shanley Freeman - PL - Bronwyn Jamieson

Jo Howell - PL - NR

Jane Upson - PL - Karen Dawber

Jo Danziger - PL - NR

Helen Peart - PL - NR

Rachel Chivers and Erica O'Neill - PL - NR

Respectful Schools Respectful Behaviour

In case you have not had a chance to view the Growth Mindset youtube clip we shared with students on Friday morning, on The Incredible Power of Yet, it is attached below together the Green Zone movie. The Green Zone PowerPoint is on the Staffshare in the Zones of Regulation file.

Zones of Regulation

Helen will distribute resources and information to those classes who have volunteered to trial the program this week.

School Nurse-Juanita Du Vergier

Juanita has been working in our school every Tuesday, with her current focus being the completion of our kindergarten vision and hearing screens. Juanita will also be able to do general health assessments, provide advice and information to students, parents and school staff on child health, physical activity and nutrition, promotion of good health and wellbeing and helping to address any medical issues that may be impacting on learning. Juanita will also be conducting a morning drop in session for parents. One of the major features of Juanita's work in our school is to support class teachers in programs that address hand washing and hygiene, oral health, safe relationships and healthy relationships, relaxation and conflict resolution. If you would be interested in having her support you with any of these programs, please talk with Helen.

Library Laptops

If you are using the laptops in the library on a Wednesday, please ensure your students log them off and that they are plugged in to recharge as it frustrating when students start to use them and the battery dies!


LIFT will be holding a morning tea for parents to meet Jaunita, our school nurse, at Grindelwald on Tuesday 20 September. Invitations have been sent home for K-2 parents this week and the event will be advertised in FOCUS and on Facebook.


Science Expo and Prep Upson - Please add your class page to .schoolzine on the O Drive by Friday 14 October.

The Way I Feel
Growth Mindset for students - Episode 3/5