2015 year in review

By: Wilmer Hernandez pd.2

Three companies marketed themselves the best and why

1. Geico offers insurance to 10 million policy holders, they have $28 million in assets, and they are the one of the most recognized brands in the world. Geico is able to achieve this because they have some of the best ad concepts of any company. The Geico Gekko is recognized by many people around the world

2. Southwest Airlines markets themselves well because they focus on the customer, they are the first no-frills carrier, and fly short-haul routes to regional airports. In addition, bags fly free.

3. Toyota has one of the best marketing strategies because they were able to beat Mercedes and BMW in the luxury car game with the launch of the Lexus brand.Toyota has popularized the Prius hybrid and crossover SUV (Lexus RX). Besides the Prius, Toyota has been able to blend hybrid technology into many other Toyota cars.

Best products of 2015

1. Iphone 6s- The iphone is already popular and when a new one comes out everybody wants it

2. Drone - The drone was one of the top christmas gifts of 2015

Worst products of 2015

1. Hoverboard- The hoverboard was getting a bad reputation because some hoverboards would light on fire

2. Apple pencil- Apple pencil was marketed poorly and I have never heard of the apple pencil

Top two movies of 2015 and how they were marketed

1. Star Wars was successful because it is the seventh movie in an already successful series. Star Wars was marketed a lot. Different companies on tv and in stores advertised the movie. Everywhere you went you saw star wars.

2. Straight Outta Compton was successful because the commercial for the movie was always on tv. Many people who are interested in hip-hop music went to go watch the movie.

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Top two musical artists of 2015

1. Drake 2015 was a good year for Drake. He dropped an album with Future which was a very popular album. His single Hotline Bling is always playing on the radio.

2. The Weeknd dropped an album called Beauty Behind the Madness. His song Can't feel my face plays on the radio a lot.

Top ten cars of 2015

1. BMW M235i

2. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

3. Honda Accord

4. Mazda 6

5. Tesla Model S 60

New Year's resolutions

Personal Improvement- Exercise more in my free time

Family and friends- Try not to ask for material things from my parents

School and the outside world- Get better grades in math and science