Hopkins Art Room News

Mrs. Toot~Art teacher

5th grade Art News

Students are transitioning from their Burton Morris collage to hand drawing. Students are also working on a photography project using forced perspective. Students may work on this individually or in groups of four. Examples were shown in art class. If students are unable to work on these outside of school they must make arrangements with me to work during the school day. When finished students may send the image to my school address: tooth@mentorschools.org OR as a google doc. When submitting please include name(s).

Grading criteria:

  • Quality photo ( clear and good color)
  • Created forced perspective
  • Creativity

4th Grade Art News

Students will begin a clay project shortly in class. Because of our limited time in art each week I will be giving students AND parents/guardians the option to have their child take their project home over break to complete. The students will be allowed assistance BUT the child is overall responsible for completing it themselves.

Clay is a delicate material that must be kept moist until complete. Students can do so, by keeping wrapped in plastic and away from heat. If it becomes dry a moisten paper towel can be wrapped around it. When completely finished, students will want to keep their project in a safe spot to dry. When returning from break, please have your child return it in their shoe box for safe transportation. Students must carry the shoe box if riding a bus to avoid breakage.

Examples of fairy light houses