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As the name implies, Best Dissertation is a company specialized in academic writing, but it focuses on dissertation and thesis services. You can see that they provide assistance not only with whole theses and dissertations, but also with individual chapters, proofreading, or editing.

When gathering information for our review, we evaluated several key factors, such as the content published on, their testimonials, customer reviews and comments from other sources, the company’s rating on other platforms, and the quality of their samples. We also took into consideration the paper we ordered from them, and the responsiveness of support department.

Their Products & Services states that their writers can help you with almost any problem related to dissertation or thesis writing. You can choose writing, editing, formatting, and proofreading services. Also, a positive aspect is that they allow you to order only a single chapter, not necessary the whole paper. Therefore, if you have already written a section or a few chapters of your paper, you don’t have to purchase that part.

Are They a Reliable Company?

If you want to determine whether a company is reliable or not, you should analyze several significant aspects. Our evaluation includes such a thorough analysis, which can be summarized as it follows:

• Their testimonials evaluate Best Dissertation services in a highly positive manner, but this is no surprise because the webmaster of the site can remove negative comments. What was a little odd about their customer reviews is their date, as we were not able to find any entry from 2016. Most of them are published in 2011.
• The feedback provided by BestDisseration clients on other websites is mixed. In a nutshell, some customers point out several serious issues, such as mediocre or low quality of writing, grammar mistakes, lack of trusted or relevant resources used for the paper, and not being able to get a free revision when you deserve one (according to their policy).
• The samples you can read on their website are generally well-written, meeting several academic standards, but they are not impressive. So to say, they could do much better.
• When we ordered a paper from them, we encountered the same problems claimed by previous customers. We received the article on time, but unfortunately, its quality left a lot to be desired. We were disappointed by the ideas included in it, but also by its format. Grammar mistakes were obvious, and some of the information mentioned in our paper was wrong. Even though they say the order was assigned to an expert, we do have doubts regarding this aspect.

Prices, Discounts and Coupon Code

Best Dissertation prices are divided into three categories: standard, advanced, and premium. Also, their prices vary depending on the urgency of your order. For ten pages in 10 days, you have to pay $149.90 for the standard level, $169.90 for the advanced level, and $189.90 if you want a premium article.
For first-time customers, provides a 20% discount, by using the coupon code on their homepage. The second time you order from them, you can benefit from their standards discounts as it follows: 5% of for any order of 15-50 pages, 10% of for orders of 51-100 pages, and 15% off for any order that exceeds 100 pages.
Also, we could not find information about any BestDisseration promo code.
To sum it up, even though is not fraud or scam, they do not provide the expected quality of services, and this may cost you a lot when it comes to such an important paper as a thesis or dissertation.
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