Cultural Region Project on Sweden

~John L. Campbell~

Sweden's Government

Sweden's system of government is a parliamentary democracy. This type of government gives people a say in what their country does in a certain situation. This includes voting rights, religious freedom, and freedom of speech. Sweden's government consists of four major branches. These branches are the judicial, executive, and legislative, and the national cabinet. The judicial's job is to come up with new laws and pass them on to the legislative branch for further approval. The legislative branch is the second to take charge. After a bill or law has passed the judicial branch, it's their job to look it over and make sure everything seems to be correct. They can either veto the law or bill so it goes through no further steps. Or pass it on to the next branch, the executive branch. The executive branch is made up of one member. Which in this case is the president. It is here that the bill can be denied and go through no further branches of power. Or it can be passed to the final stage which is the national cabinet. The national cabinet is the largest group of them all. Their job is to supervise the other groups of government. They aren't the most important group, but they contribute hard work to make a successful government. This system allows there to be a large amount of freedom. Except not so much to where they can do anything they want.

Sweden's Culture

Chile's culture started out plain and simple. They never had very popular sports or dances going on until the 1930's arrived. Religions, sports, and dances quickly grew in popularity. Today, most people Swedes are catholic. Nobody is for sure, but most people think this had something to do with the founder of the country. He could have been the one who influenced it into the lives of other people. For fun, the people of Sweden like to gather around campfires at night and sing songs. In fact, camping is something many of them do weekly! Dancing also keep s them well entertained. No special clothes are worn, but they have fun while doing it! Finally, food in Sweden is just like what we eat. This includes a wide variety of grains, meats, dairy products, and many oils. Except when you think about it all, Swedes don't live very different lives from us. The only thing that might be a lot different would be the language. Over in Sweden, some people speak English, others speak Spanish, and many speak french! There is no definite language. Overall, the Culture is neat, but not to extensive.

Sweden's Econimic System

Sweden's economic system is traditional. This type of economic system is formed purely out of tradition. In a traditional economic system, people in the community have to work together as a group. All money is gained solely off of the people's work. For example, the economy will gain money if there is someone to choose how many resources should go to a certain place, and what they should get in return. If there is no one around to occupy the job, then the economy would gain no money at all. Meetings and gatherings are held to discuss issues that have been going on in the community. The people vote on how they should take action. You can relate this to a democracy, just like we have in the U.S. The traditional economic system works well, but only when the community members are working hard. Now on to the question, is this country developed or developing. Sweden is a developed country that attracts many people in search of a good home. They have a lot of land to build on and that has what they have been doing.

The five big ideas of Sweden

Economics – Sweden's economic system is traditional, this economic system is formed. Even though everyone has to contribute it can definitely work well when used properly.

Cultures and society - Sweden's culture started out playing in simple and never had very popular sports or dances. Sweden's culture got popular when people start the travel back-and-forth from Sweden. They told their friends and family all about their culture. This meant that other countries began to use this exact same culture.

Government and civics - Sweden system of government is a parliamentary democracy. This type of government gives people a thing with their country does in a certain situation. This includes voting rights, religious freedom, and freedom of the speech. Sweden's government consists of for major branches. These branches are the legislative, judicial, executive, and the national cabinet.

Geography - Sweden's geographic features are very dramatic. It can go from low valleys, all the way up to tall mountains in the north. Sweden's Scandinavian mountains are famous for their high and enormous peaks. Erosion in these parts of Sweden is very common. Causing many farmers to move south away from the mountains.

Historical perspective - Sweden's history dates way back in time as you can see on my timeline. It all started out when the king if svear created the first, "Swedish state." Then after a series of events, Sweden became a developed country.

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