Patrick Henry Post

February 21, 2020

Black History Month Talent Show Preparation

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Our students and staff members are so excited to invite you to the Black History Month Talent Show on Friday, February 28th, 1:30-2:30pm. Each grade level will have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers and family members. This week we were busy preparing for the performances to make sure they were audience-ready. Please come and cheer on our students as we honor the past with performances from the present. All performances will include an introduction about a figure, movement, or historical moment from our black history that inspired their performance. Our goal is to use this performance as a way to honor all that was sacrificed throughout black history to ensure the thriving of black culture today and through tomorrow. Please join us in the gym on Friday!

Seen Around the Building

This week we weren't just practicing for our performances, we were also deep into the February learning process. This is an important month for academic growth. It is incredible to think that we have already been in school for seven weeks since winter break! Our students came back with an energy for learning that inspired all of us, and we have been deep in the process of personal and academic growth ever since. Take a look at a few snapshots of learning that we ran into this week at Patrick Henry.
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What's going on in the garden?

If you walk outside to our school garden, it looks like there's not much going on...empty garden beds, dark and blank soil, and no life growing just yet. But did you know? Ms. Patti has the garden growing inside already! Plants are growing under the warming lights by her classroom. Make sure you stop by to see the magic before they even make it to the garden beds!