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Thursday, February 6th

Coming Home Today

Not a thing!

We haven't been here long enough to gather anything TO send home!

Think Warm Thoughts!

Warwick's power was restored at some point over night. I know there are still wide-spread power outages all throughout our district. We all hope to be back to school soon!

We obvioulsy had to postpone our Support Staff breakfast which was scheduled for today. We're also working to reschedule the NOVA presentation that was supposed to be this evening at Cold Spring Elementary.

I hope you are all staying safe and warm, and trying to enjoy this time - somehow.

Power Paw Pride!

We had a blast last Friday during Switch-A-Roo Day, and School-Wide-BINGO. Below are just a few pics of our staff and students showing off their Power Paw Pride!!

After School Clubs

Please consider writing a reminder note (or email to the teacher) seperate from the assignment book when your child will be attending an after-school club. While we have rosters by grade, a note is a helpful reminder.

What's New in the Library?

Check out the full library site below

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Follow Central Bucks School District @CBSDInfo for up-to-the-minute notifications of school delays, closures and emergencies.

February Bear Facts

Is available on the Warwick webpage, or through the link below.

Kindergarten Parent Workshop

On Wednesday, February 12th, Warwick will be hosting a Kindergarten Parent Workshop.

Topics include:

*Fine Motor Development

*Phonological Awareness

*Fostering Conversation and Language Development

Parents of Kindergarten children from Warwick and Jamsion are encouraged to attend this night when staff from across the district share tips and tricks (and maybe even some door prizes). We hope you're able to join us!

Boomerang Awards

MonthlyAssets for School Year 2013-2014:


February: #26 - Caring - Young person cares about others. They place a high value on helping other people. He/she thinks about ways of helping others and is motivated to initiate kind and thoughtful acts.


March: #38– Self Esteem -Young person demonstrates a confidence that promotes positive behaviors and relationships. He/she is proud to be the person that they are and they serve as a role model to others because of their healthy self-confidence.

April: #25 - Reading for Pleasure - Young person reads for pleasure most days of the week, either alone, with family members, or with friends.

May: #32 - Planning and Decision Making -Young person knows how to plan ahead and make choices. They are pro-active about getting started and they follow through to the end. If working in a group, he/she helps the group achieve its goals.

Boomerang Nominations

The nomination form can be found through the below link.

Forms are also available in the Warwick office.

Portoflio Conference Information

Portfolio conferences are officially held on Thursday, April 17th. As always, conferences can be held one week before (starting 4/10) or one week later (ending 4/24). Please work with your teacher to schedule this valuable reflective and goal-setting time.

Grades 2-6 will be sending home portfolios:

  • We plan to send home portfolios for preview on Monday, April 7th to be returned to school on Wednesday, April 9th.
  • No other homework will be assigned on these nights so families can spend two nights reviewing and reflecting on the contents of the portfolio.

Grade K will hold an in-school preview (TBD - teachers will notify classes of specifics)

Grade 1 will hold an in-school preview (TBD - teacher swill notify classes of specifics)

PSSA Schedule

State testing will be here before we know it. Below is the schedule we plan to follow to complete the required state testing in one week, and get back to teaching and learning as quickly as possible:

  • Tuesday, March 18th Math in AM
  • Wednesday, March 19th, Reading in AM, Math in PM
  • Thursday, March 20th, Reading in AM, Math in PM
  • Friday, March 21st, Reading in AM

More information regarding PSSA testing can be found through the below link availble on Warwick's webpage, and the district home page.

Elementary Report Card Revision Information

Be sure to check out the POW TOON videos available through the below link to learn more about the proposed elementary report card revisions. More POW TOONS will be available soon.

The East Cluster is offering a Parent Information Night on Monday, April 7th at Cold Spring Elementary School at 7:00 PM.

Upcoming Events are always scrolling on the Warwick Website


The Warwick community will promote a culture of academic and personal excellence through respect, responsibility, and cooperation.