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Friday 8th January, 2016

Upcoming Events at BMS January/ February 2016

Thursday 14th January - The Hänsel & Gretel Library ´Halfway There Party´

Wednesday 20th January - Primary Parent Representative Meeting cafeteria 19.00.

Thursday 21st January - Friends of BMS New Year´s Reception

Tuesday 26th January - Science Cafe in the cafeteria 15.00 - 18.00

Wednesday 27th January - Family Literacy Day

Wednesday 27th January - Digital Workshop parent overview Meeting cafeteria 18.00

Friday 29th January - Semester 1 Reports issued & Winter break begins

Monday 8th February - Back to School

Upcoming Field Trips January 2016

Tuesday 12th January - Grade 5 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion

Wednesday 13th January -Grade 1 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion

Thursday 14th January - Grade 4 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion & Grade 2c field trip to the Public library.

Friday 14th January - Grade 2d field trip to the Public library.

BMS Library announces The Hänsel & Gretel Halfway There Party!

Jan.14th 15:00 - 16:30 in the cafeteria.

For our participating students in Grade 3 through 5.

Have you read at least 2 titles?

Have you filled out your reading rocket?

Are you ready to vote?

Family Literacy Day

BMS will be celebrating Family Literacy Day on Wednesday, January 27th, and we would welcome parent/volunteer participation! Volunteers can sign up for one 15 minute slot for Literacy Day and can also decide to do something together, if they wish. The possible times are 14:30 - 14:45, and 14:45 - 15:00. Please bring in an activity for that time slot. Activities could include: one of your favorite books to read to the class, a skit, short film, puppet show, word game, or other literacy-based activity. We look forward to welcoming you to school! If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Hall ( or Julietta Cavalli (

Sign Up Here:

Learning News from the Primary School!

Learning in Grade 2a!

Grade 3c Bartering Market

3c had a bartering market today as part of our marketplaces unit of inquiry. A barter market lets people exchange goods and services without money. Children bought in things they didn't use anymore from home to trade with each other. They also traded services such as helping each other to do tasks at school.

5d researching "Friedensreich Hundertwasser", a famous Austrian artist and architect.

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PE Field Trips!

We had a week filled with exciting trips. The excitement was even greater because of the snow that surprised us! The children showed great independence on the ice.

Bowling was new sport for many kids, and it was enjoyable to watch how children explored the technique of throwing.

Our visit to the Science center opened many questions and it seemed to be a great provocation for the Health and Fitness unit that we are going to start within the second semester.

Ice Skating fun at Erika-heß Eistadion

Ottobock Science Trip

Grade 5 Snow Creations!


CCEP Winter Vacation Program Sign Up

Dear parents,

It gives us a great pleasure to inform you about our CCEP Winter Vacation Program 2016 at BMS, starting on February 1nd 2016. Every student is cordially invited to participate. Please find attached the CCEP Winter Vacation Program for further information.

Enrollment is starting on Sunday, 10.01.16 / 08.00 PM until Monday, 18.01.15/08.00 PM.

Please sign up your child for our program and activities in the designated time period. Every student is allowed to sign up for two activities (Workshop, Field Trips). Students must commit to attending the entire workshop. It is not required to sign up for open offers.

Register early to avoid disappointment. Enrollment is on first come, first serve basis.

Please activate the following link (no login or password is needed), you’ll find the same link and information on our Homepage and the attached document:

BMS Girls Chess Club Competition!

The BMS Girls Chess Club will be competing in Berlin's Rapidplay School Chess Tournament, Tuesday 12th January - 2016.

After an excellent placement at the Berlin School Tournament last year, our Girls Chess Club is going to take on the challenge again. We are very proud and have our fingers crossed for their victory!