Happy February!

Hi Team!

I wanted to start by congratulating those stylists who qualified in January and are 1/3 of the way towards their consistency bonus of $100 in product credit!

Amy Knight

Chekesha Dueberry

Gina Eagleson

Jessie Yick

This is a reminder that Jump Start for All expires on March 9th at 11:59 PT! We have one month left to take advantage of earning FREE product! If you're looking at a blank February (like I am!), you might be thinking, "Well, where do I start?" I'd say go back to basics. Make a really big, updated who-do-you-know list. Go through the contacts on your phone. Go through your list of Facebook friends. Go through past hostesses, past customers, ex co-workers, your cousin's neighbor....anyone! Then warm them up by sending a quick email (my sample is below) and following up a few days later. The best way to follow up is by phone, but text or email is fine if you don't have their number. When you leave a message by phone, I recommend also sending a quick text saying you just left a message and ask when would be a good time to reach them. (Thanks for the tip, Chekesha! Did it today!)

Here is the email I have been sending to my prospective hostesses. Feel free to tweak to make it your own voice.


Hi Suzi!

How are you?? Long time, no chat! I just got the Stella & Dot spring collection and I think you'd love it! (Hands down....adorable!). I'd LOVE to bring the new line by for you and a few girlfriends to see in Feb... and spoil you with a bunch of free accessories!! The spring collection is gorgeous.....new bags, wallets, scarves and jewelry....something for everyone! I'm sort of obsessed with a few of our new bags. ;-)

I have a few dates left in February (13th, 20th, 21st,22nd, 27th). Would love to do another trunk show for you!

What do you think?


Here is the new lookbook for you to check out:



Have you seen the new video that highlights the February Trunk Show exclusives? That's a good booking tool too, so I need to update my email to include it. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vPvZGjGlLU&feature=share&list=UU5G1Wl1yIs9vRKoKGWhAtpw

I made a HUGE discovery recently when I realized that when a hostess invites 40 people and 10 people come to the trunk show, that leaves THIRTY other people as prospective customers, hostesses or stylists!! Hello?! My who-do-you-know list just grew tremendously!!! Everyone's email address is listed in the invitation, so for my open trunk shows from January, I will be emailing the Trunk Show Exclusives video and asking them to host & their friends can take advantage of the 1/2 off items. I will also add their email addresses into my Contacts in the system so they will receive marketing updates from the home office.

I am happy to help brainstorm on booking or anything else you may need!!

Go get 'em!