A Look Ahead

Classical Conversations at New Hope

A Note from your Director . . .

2 more Tuesdays! And then off until August! What will we do?! Summer Park Days coming soon! Stay tuned via email for our park day schedule. These are optional but it gives us a chance to stay connected through the summer. Also, if there is something special you would like to plan for the group this summer please send me the details and I will email it to the group. The requirement is that you plan, coordinate and be the contact person, and be committed to being at the event. Thanks!

Week 23 Notes:

* Taking donations/cards/pictures for the Wild Family. We will be able to deliver these items in May when we go to Florida.

* End of Year program April 22nd at 6:30 - please, please plan to be there and invite dads, grandparents, and friends. Please let me know if you won't be able to make it. ***Also, if your child would like to say a memory work sentence on their own please let me know and we will give them a chance at our end of year program.

* Bring back your Rock Candy jars, clean!

* Make sure to sign your kids up this week if they'd like to play a short piece of music for us Week 24

* Envelope will be in the foyer to donate to Melisa Davis to help her take care of her yard this summer.

* Shenandoah Youth Orchestra concert May 9th - $6 for adults/$3 for students

Register for Practicum! Camp leaders are needed for Ranson and Winchester - these are paid positions! Please let Misty know if you can help. mistypaul724@gmail.com

Just for fun:

Yes, this is fun - start looking through the CC magalog and picking books from the Challenge programs for your own summer reading! Redeem your education and prepare now so you are ready to teach your child through high school.

Blessings, Jennifer