secret behind running a cat hotel?

Cat Boarding Singapore

Want to know the secret behind running a cat hotel?

An army of cardboard robots?

Though the robots do help sometimes... Irresistible cat treats are priceless!

Originally we brought them in for Tipsy and other cat boarding Singapore.

But why shouldn’t everyone enjoy them?

I’ve yet to meet a cat who didn’t like them, fussy or otherwise!

These cat treats are imported to Singapore with the help of Franzi’s parents in Germany.

Each bag is 8$ sgd.

We carry Whiskas &DeinBestes, loosely translated to “The Best”. These treats are made in Germany and can usually only be found in Europe.

If you are worried your cat will turn out as adorable as this guy… after too many treats.

Don’t worry!

All DeinBestes treats have no sugar, no artificial coloring, low in calories and chalked full of vitamins.

Both brands are equally as potent for “Stealing a Cats heart”

At the moment, we carry 5 flavors of each brand.

They come in boxes of 50-60 grams.

Whiskas - Crispy bags with Cheese & Chicken

Whiskas – Cripsy bags with Beef.

“Whiskas Temptations are delicious cat treats with soft and smooth savourycentres in a crunchy biscuit like shell.

They're foil packed for juicy freshness and are available in a variety of irresistible flavors.

Whether your cat's been feeling under the weather, (or very well behaved!) Whiskas Temptations are a winning combination to compliment their diet.”

Whiskas – Cripsy bags with Salmon

Whiskas – Dentabits

“Whiskas Dentabits are a tasty, chewy snack that has been specially developed to help keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy.

Regular use of Dentabits has been scientifically proven to reduce the build-up of harmful plaque and tartar.

Can be used to compliment your pet's diet. “

Whiskas – Anti Hair Ball

“Whiskas Anti Hairball treats have been specially developed to help reduce hairball formation by up to 66%. Hairballs are a common problem in 65% of household cats, caused by naturally over grooming and skin irritations.

These irresistible, soft centered, crunchy treats can be used as a supplement for regular cat food, containing ingredients which help clear and move the hair through the intestine, declining the irritation of hair balls.

Feed up to 10 pieces per day and use within 4 weeks of opening. ”

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