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Elementary Newsletter September 19-23, 2016

Principal's Letter


Our swings are a such a hit! Students lineup for entire recesses for just one turn. Today we had kindergarteners lined up for their 1st time on the swings. Three 4th graders, at the front of the line, realized the kindergarteners had not used the swings yet. They were so caring and let the kindergartners take their place in line. We are so grateful our kids are learning how to share and build community with each other.

Thank you! Thank you! To all of our amazing helpers at the Fall Carnival. We had so much fun with all the different activities and food. Please know that all proceeds are going to help with the elementary playground, the junior high expansion, and the high school activities.

Parent night out! On September 23rd at the elementary school from 2:15-9pm parents can have their children stay at the elementary school at the end of the day. Several activities will be available for the kids: outdoor games, laser tag, movies, board games, drawing activities, etc. The cost is $5 per child if you pay before the activity and is $6 per child at the door. Please bring any funds to the elementary front office on or before September 23rd. All proceeds will go to support the high school choir and their tour this summer.

Elementary Picture Day is on September 29th. Kids will wear dress code for their pictures. Remember that our PHAST parents are still looking for volunteers to support picture day.

Use the following link to volunteer:

I am always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have for me!

Have a great week!

Jodi Lusty

Patriot Pathways: Stories about your students from their teachers

Our Providence Hall Patriots are so AMAZING that we thought we would share with you some of the IB Learner Profile traits they are demonstrating. Look for new student highlights each week!

"Cannon Keddington is so caring. He is always looking for others who are in need. For instance, one student in my class told me that there was a child that got hurt during recess. Cannon helped the child who got hurt and then invited him to play with him. Another student in my class told me of another instance when Cannon helped to push a child (who doesn't have a lot friends) on the swings. I am blown away with how incredibly kind Cannon is to his peers! What a great example!" (Caring)

"Landon Barney is so polite. He says "Bless you" when someone sneezes. He always says "Please" and "Thank you" whenever anything is given to him. Landon is kind to everyone he is around and he is always giving compliments." (Principled)

"Violet Anderson is a knowledgeable, hard working IB student. The work she turns in is immaculate. Violet goes above and beyond to do her best! She shows balance in all areas. I really appreciate how principled and caring she is to others at Providence Hall." (Balanced)

"Bridger Bateman shows KNOWLEDGE in multiple ways, including making an amazing video about rocks! He always tries his best and THINKS of new ways to tackle a problem." (Knowledgeable)

"I LOVE how Dylan Walker is SO polite. Every time he sees me he sincerely asks how I am doing and always wishes me a good day. At the end of EVERY lesson in library he always thanks me for teaching him something. He truly is a student that shows CARING. He makes being a teacher a pleasure!" (Caring)

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Fire Station

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 9-10am

4850 Patriot Ridge Drive

Herriman, UT

Please see details from Kindergarten teachers.

Elementary Picture Day

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 8:30am-2:45pm

4795 Patriot Ridge Drive

Herriman, UT

Students wear dress code for pictures in the fall.

Carpool Chaos

Frequently asked questions about carpool.

  • Question: Am I supposed to pull forward all the way into the kindergarten loop?
  • Answer: Yes! Please use the kindergarten loop to drop off and pick up students during carpool. This helps the flow of traffic.
  • Question: If I have a kindergartener to pick-up can I just bypass the other parents in lane 1 and then turn right to get to the kindergarten loop? Do I have to wait through the rest of carpool?
  • Answer: 1st question: No, you cannot bypass traffic. This can cause multiple concerns with traffic. 2nd question: Yes! You do have to wait with all the other cars in the carpool lane.
  • Question: Do I need to wait for the crossing guard to cross me at the school?
  • Answer: Yes, please wait for the crossing guard to cross you even though you are an adult. Remember that you are a model for the behavior you want your children demonstrating. Use the crosswalk during carpool.

Elementary Library Webpage. Check it out!

Providence Hall Elementary library invites you to visit their website. You will find age appropriate reading lists, suggestions for books from the librarians, and general updates from the library.

Also, students are earning the opportunity to visit the library before school starts. Students earn this privilege by reading at home and recording it on the Road To Success Website: Ask your child what they have read and how much! You may be amazed at what they are doing!

Providence Hall Elementary School

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