November 7, 2013

Bring It Back...

· Most recently completed Teacher Cycle Record Form

· This quarters Classroom Assessment Summary Form

· Reading Edge Teacher’s Guide


  • Begin and End on Time
  • Bring all Materials
  • Actively Participate
  • Parking Lot

Clarifying Strategy


  1. How many of your students scored at 90% or higher for clarification strategy use?
  2. Which students have met the goal of scoring 90% or higher? Why did they meet that goal?
  3. Who did not meet this goal? Why?

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Root Cause


Bring it On! Let's Think - Pair - Share

  1. What is the relationship between comprehension and the four core reading strategies?

Let's Keep Thinking - Pairing - and Sharing...

Review the clarification sub strategies: Identify strength and need of your students.

2. What is the relationship between intentionally teaching/modeling clarification sub strategies and student achievement?

Work it Out

How are instruction, modeling, student practice, and assessment of clarifying managed in your classroom?

Get it Done

Get It Done

School Wide Target: Increase the classroom student average scores from 55% to 65% by November 15th for strategy use discussion.

Teachers set individual targets


What will you need information or help with to achieve this goal?

Teachers commit to one-to-two actions they will do to meet the target. Complete and hand in their individual Action Plans.

Next Meeting...November 15ish

Bring It Up Next

Next component Team Meeting we will determine progress on the target, actions that led to success, and next steps. Bring your Most recently completed Teacher Cycle Record Form, This quarters Classroom Assessment Summary Form, and Reading Edge Manual. Be prepared to share progress towards your goal.