Digital Textbooks

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks?

Yes, tablets should replace textbooks

  • Tablets are much more efficient than textbooks.
  • Tablets last much longer than textbooks .
  • Are much faster to use than textbooks .
  • Tablets are a lot more organized .
  • Weigh a lot less than textbooks.

  • You can do home work on it and won`t lose it.
  • Others can`t see your test scores.
  • Has a built in G.P.S.
  • Cost more to buy textbooks than Tablets.
  • Has 7,000 or more novels on one Tablet


  • 100% more learning with tablet .
  • Tablets last a lot longer than textbooks.
  • More organized than text books.
  • Tablets are worth the money.
  • Kids are more motivated by technology.