Solar Friend

Save Big energy


Have ever left the lights on? Well then you need solar friend! Solar Friend will help you save energy so when you are waking at night you don't have to go to turn on the main lights and Solar Friend will waste less energy then the main lights.Come see my project today!!
location (Gym)

Solar friend Description

Solar friend uses a power outlet to power the invention. When the main lights are on, the photo sensor will sense the light, the light bulb will shut off. When the main lights are off the photo sensor will sense the lights are off then it will turn on the light bulb on. The wires will let the power from the plug go into the invention.

Why I Choose Solar Friend

I choose Solar Friend for a few reasons...

First I choose Solar Friend because Solar Friend worked better than my other brainstorms. second it was the easiest design to maintain.Third I choose it was the easiest one to use.Fourth it had a power source that would not burn.So thats why I choose Solar Friend


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