Elementary Observation

Intro to Teaching

Teaching & Learning Environment/ School Atmosphere

The classrooms I visited had lots of color and decorations on the walls. Birthdays and artwork that the kids did to make it personal. Numbers and letters where hung up to help the younger kids with counting and the alphabet. The teachers all seemed to know the kids even if they where not in their classroom and got along with each other very well.

Student-teacher Interactions/Teacher-Student Interaction

Most teachers walked around the room as they talked and the kids worked on assignments. Looking over the kids shoulders, touching their backs and telling them they where doing a great job or to get their attention if they where talking. Students would raise their hand to get the teachers attention. They did fun things to get the students attention for ex. the teacher would say hocus pocus and the students would say everybody focus focus.

Interesting Experences

On one afternoon I was observing a third grade class that has a student that has been know to have out burst of anger. This student got upset and started to scream and toss things off the desk. The para had to stay with the other students while the teacher took this student to the office.