Syrian Refugee Crisis

Ryan Iller Period F

Consider all good until proven bad.

Many people treat all Syrian refugees like they are terrorists which is immoral and they deserve better. If we do not help these people now, down the road the countries that are forced to take them will not help us if we face a threat. All these refugees have ever known is living hell, their whole lives full of losing friends and family in bombings and never knowing when they might gunned down by someone who was supposed to be on their side.

Unit 1

Extreme fear and violence have influenced these people to leave their homes and seek safety elsewhere. All they want is to live without being unsure if they will live until the next day.
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Unit 2

When the Syrians migrate here, they shouldn't be forced to give up their culture and customs just because they live in our country. They should celebrate their culture and that they can still enjoy it in a more peaceful environment.
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Unit 3

The Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad had exploited the citizens of his country and many started revolting. Those loyal to Assad fought the protesters and their Civil war has been going on for the past 4 years.

Unit 4

Before Bashar al-Assad took office to succeed his father, Hafez al-Assad, the Syrian people had more freedom and didn't think that rebellion was necessary, but after a few years under Bashar's rule, it really started to hit the fan, and the Civil war began.

U.S. Perspective- Get out and stay out. We don't want any terrorists here. ISIS is far to big of a threat and we just can't risk it.

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Refugee Perspective- We can't promise that none of us are terrorists. We just want a chance to live in peace and give our children the lives they deserve.

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If nothing is done...

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But if we give them aid...

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My plan: Convince people that they can't judge an entire group based on actions of one or too. If I can make people see the light when all they know is darkness, then I truly have changed the world.