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Districtwide Literacy PD - Reflections on April learning: Celebrations

Our districtwide PD concluded our year with a focus on CELEBRATIONS at the end of each unit of study. These celebrations are in addition to the sharing that takes place daily as a part of the mini-lesson structure. For continued to discussion/learning on this topic, please feel free to review our districtwide CELEBRATIONS discussion and share-out board.

You can also review the UofS Celebration info shared here: April Literacy Learning Slides.

*All districtwide Literacy PD is available for review 24/7 in the Schoology Course: HSSD Literacy Professional Learning

Foundations of Literacy - 3 CREDIT option! Viterbo Educ. 640 Balanced Literacy

Exciting news that HSSD Foundations of Literacy is available for credit through our HSSD partnership with Viterbo University. You will still sign up via MLP for your grade-level specific Foundations summer course, however, you will also enroll in the official Educ. 640 course through Viterbo. Additional requirements will be shared via the syllabus upon enrollment for the 3 credit option.
The videos below are the fifth and sixth installments in a series on "Do It Yourself" Literacy. You can also access other teaching tools shared by the series' many followers.

Week #6

Problem of the Week –MOTIVATION! My co-teacher and I struggle on a daily basis getting our kids motivated to work more independently in our everyday workshops. We find there are about 2-3 students who tend to “carry” the rest of the class. Too often we hear the crickets chirping, the blank faces staring at us, and the uncomfortable silence that follows a question. We need help to help our kids get motivated to work more independently!

Teaching Tool of the Week – A Micro-progression

You can find a download of the teaching tool here.

DIY Literacy Episode 6

Week #5

Problem of the Week – We’ve all been there. We are sitting with a student and are left struggling to figure out what to teach him or her! This week’s problem focuses on teaching and conferring with higher level readers. It’s the struggle to know what to teach more proficient readers, especially if we don’t have a ton of background knowledge on reading strategies, skills or literary practices.

Teaching Tool of the Week – A Student-Led Bookmark

You can find a download of the teaching tool here.

DIY Literacy Episode 5

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

The first through fourth videos on the following topics can be accessed by clicking on the episode link.

Episode 1 - Using punctuation appropriately

Episode 2 - Responding to reading with variety and choice

Episode 3 - Explaining how evidence supports the reason

Episode 4 - Telling, not showing.

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New Feature -New Feature-New Feature

TECH Connect

This new feature in Links to Literacy will focus on infusing technology into literacy instruction. It begins with a strong instructional practice and moves toward technology's role in supporting student's motivation, engagement and learning.
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The following links allow access to two archived Twitter Chats on the topic of Reading in the Digital Age. If you have never "read" a chat on Storify, we suggest scrolling down to get to the main content.

Secondary Twitter Chat from NCTE

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SAVE for next week We could all recommend a book for a "beach" read.

If you are looking for a quick summer read, then the latest book by Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke, Amplify! Digital Teaching and Learning in the K-6 Classroom is for you. It's about amplifying good teaching with technology resulting in powerful learning.

Takeaways or Highlights

HSSD Literacy Twitter Chat - ADD Jessica's presentation slide announcement -similar to last month's and send out separately, too.

Join us on twitter to chat about literacy: May 18th, 8-9pm

Please feel free to jump into these informal conversations about literacy or just follow along. If you would like some support for utilizing a PLN (personal learning network) 24/7 on Twitter, please see your friendly building Lit. Coach or TIS.

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