Photo Essay

By: Tori Siuzdak

Our school spends a lot of money on laptops that we barely put to use. When we come to school we have to bring it with us everyday and just add to the weight of our backpacks. If we are going to do this, why not just have access to online textbooks or email notes and worksheets? If we are paying to have these laptops we should at least be using them in more than one class a day if that.

On top of paying for the laptops, we also pay for textbook rentals. If the textbooks are available online why wouldn't we just access them through the use of our laptops. Not only is this inconvenient, but also takes up a lot of space in our bags.

The amount of stuff that you have to carry your senior year at Avon High School can become a ridiculous amount depending on what classes you may take. The harder the class, the bigger the book. Along with the books and laptops you also have your folders, binders, notebooks, and any other thing you may need during the day.

All of the weight that is being put on us can actually become harmful. These items are putting an unnecessary strain on our backs. This can lead to problems for us, as students, later on in life.

Textbooks these days are often offered online. There may be a few cases where a textbook is so old that it isn't, but for the most part we are carrying unnecessary items. If we have internet access to access these books, we should be putting our laptops to use.

Along with our textbooks being offered online, we could also help not only the weight of our backpacks but the environment too. With the amount of worksheets that we do and notes that we take, we could be saving trees by using our laptops. If we have the features to conserve items, we should use them.

A fairly new item that is extremely popular these days is a tablet or iPad. They cost the same price as most laptops and have the same features. The only difference would be the size and weight. Personally I would rather have a tablet because it would be so much easier to deal with.

As previously said tablets take up very little space and are light in weight. Having a tablet could even eliminate having a backpack overall. I think it is well worth the consideration.

Less weight leads to happier students. Students don't want to walk around all day with twenty or more pounds of books on their backs. Schools look more into convenience than the students needs.

At the end of the day it should be the students choice, If we got to pick how our books and assignments were handled we would be happier. Eliminating books and papers would really help the students, teachers, and environment in the long run.