March 2014

New Apps

Check out Tynker - to help teach coding.

Solve fun puzzles and learn to code. Simply drag & drop visual code blocks and program your characters to beat the level. The first adventure includes 20 puzzles that are free to play. Additional adventures and puzzle levels are available as in-app purchases.

By solving puzzles, children learn to recognise patterns; break down a problem into smaller steps; engage in programming concepts like sequencing, loops and conditional logic; develop computer drawing and algorithmic thinking skills; and debug programs.

Literacy Links

This month we are looking at sites that could be used to help improve literacy and comprehension.

Fiction Express

Interactive e-books where readers vote to control the plot.

Fiction express is a subscription site which claims to be a new, exciting way to read. Every week brings resources to engage and act as a springboard into writing.

Get a free 3-week trial by going to:

The Poetry App

Great poetry read aloud by great actors.

The Poetry App will draw you into a parallel universe of over 100 poems from sixteen of the greatest poets of all time, accompanied by video and audio narrations from over 30 world class actors and performers including Juliet Stevenson, Bob Geldof, Simon Callow, Dominic West and Roger Moore.

For the poetry lover - enjoy a wide selection of great poems, chosen by Josephine Hart and explained through her essays and introductions.

For the poetry novice - explore the power of poetry through the narrations of world-class actors.

Read poetry from 16 of the greatest poets through the ages
Listen and watch powerful narrations by over 30 world class actors and performers
Read in-depth introductions and essays by Josephine Hart on each poet and their poems
Create your own poems with the ability to record your own narration.

Available on the app store.

World Book Online

World Book Online offers a wide range of high-quality products to meet the needs of students and teachers of all subjects and at all levels. Flexible subscription options make it easy to customise collections.

Have a look here:

Lend me your literacy.

Lend me your literacy's mission is to inspire young writers by providing them with a global audience.

Browse hundreds of pieces of work from children across the world.

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Our school and writer portfolios also allow staff and parents to share young writers' work, inspire them and raise standards.