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February 2022

A Message from Administration

Enchanted Care Powell Families,

The year is off to a great start and we’re enjoying spending the winter season with you and your children. If you’ve not already done so, please send in an extra set of weather appropriate clothes for your child. We want everyone to be able to participate in the fun outdoor activities we have planned. As always, it is an honor to work with and watch your children grow. Thank you for choosing our preschool for your family.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Wishing You Well,

Mallory Harney, Principal


Our Administration Team

February Events

Black History Month

February is Black History Month. It is a time to honor the culture, accomplishments, and important contributions of African Americans. We’ll be celebrating in the classroom by reading books, making arts and crafts, and continuing our discussion on acceptance and belonging.

Valentine's Class Celebration

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14th. Children are invited to bring in valentines to share with their classmates. We will have a special Valentine’s Day snack and participate in Valentine-themed activities throughout the day.

Priority Registration

As a reminder, priority re-enrollment for next school year is ending soon. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • 75% off registration fee if registered and paid by 2/19/22
  • 50% off registration fee if registered and paid by 3/4/22
  • 25% off registration fee if registered and paid by 3/18/22

Closed for Professional Development

We are closed on Monday, February 21st for Professional Development Day.

February Preschool Blog

4 Easy Hands-On Valentine’s Day Activities for Your Preschooler

Holidays are great opportunities to make new traditions and memories with your family. This month, we’ve compiled four of our favorite Valentine’s Day themed activities perfect for children of all ages.

1. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

Grab a bin and fill it with items found around your home or at your local craft or grocery store. Some ideas include pink sand, candy conversation hearts, plastic spoons, small toy shovels, rice, feathers, beads and shredded paper. Your child will have a blast scooping, digging, pouring and sorting the objects.

2. Play Dough Fun

Open-ended toys like play dough help children explore and create without the pressure of doing things the right or wrong way. Lay out a tray for your child and give them play dough, heart shaped cookie cutters, a small rolling pin and items to press into the dough, such as toothpicks, beads or dry pasta shells.

3. Cards for Loved Ones

Traditional paper valentines are not only festive but are also a precious keepsake for loved ones. Provide your child with paper, crayons, paint, markers, stickers, and other supplies, and let their creativity run wild! Encourage older children to use uppercase and lowercase letters. Show enthusiasm in any effort, as this is how they learn that words are powerful and have meaning.

4. Friendship Bracelets

A great way to focus on friendship and love this month is to make friendship bracelets. Making jewelry fosters creativity, while also practicing pattern recognition, concentration and fine motor skills. Give your child red, white and pink beads and yarn or pipe cleaners. When you child is finished making the bracelet, ask them to count the total number of beads used. You can extend the activity by also accompanying the bracelet with a homemade card, as mentioned above.

Updates and Reminders

School Website

On our school website, under the "For Parents" tab, you will find the school year calendar as well as the monthly calendar, newsletters and menus.

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When you enrolled at Enchanted Care, you should have received an important email with the link to set up your Alma account. Functions include payment methods, account statements, contact information and authorization of individuals to pick up your child.

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In today’s connected world, many families turn to online reviews to learn more about the reputation of schools. Just a reminder that you can find our school on Facebook, Google, Yelp and other online directories. We’d love more families like yours, so please consider spreading the word about our school.

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