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Marryinaweek : The easiest and relevant way to find your Marriage Partner Online

Marriage partner online: This is peculiarly 21st century: a result of the marriage of technology with the atavistic search for the perfect mate. Considering contemporary notions on individualism and emancipation, it is surprising / reassuring / inevitable that the latter still exists. Globally, societies that are ‘online’ have developed some method of using the Internet to help one seek a partner. Ergo marriage partner online. Or long-term partners online. Similarities exist among societies not only in searching a marriage partner online but also in marriage practices.

Using the Net to register and seek potential partners before zeroing in on the best is now a reality common to many the world over. A marriage partner online is a distinct possibility through several matrimonial sites including a matrimonial app that is based on values, interests,, lifestyle and Facebook profile and offers anyone free feature on the app to reach all their matches instantly.

In looking to ensure compatibility, technology seems to have taken over from the traditional ‘pandit’ who reads horoscopes to see how many ‘gunas’ match. The only thing is that apps such as marryinaweek go beyond the conventional community-based match making, allowing for the changing times. Matching astrological configuration is not only in India: in Korea it is traditional for a fortune-teller, known as a kung-hap, to look into the couple’s future before they are married in order to see if they will live harmoniously together.

The phrase ‘tying the knot’ can be traced to literal rituals. In Turkey, wedding celebrations last several days and in some cases, the bride and the groom cannot see each other from the early days to the day of the ceremony. There were times when Filipino weddings lasted three days, with ceremonies performed each day until the third day when the couple joined hands - their hands were bound together with a chord and the priest declared them married.Thai couples sit on the floor with their hands, linked by a chain of flowers, pressed together. The oldest relative dips their hands in a conch shell containing water. In Indian families too, wedding ceremonies span days and the bride is given away in the ‘kanyadaan’. In what will sound very familiar to Indians, in Indonesia over 1000 guests may commonly be invited to a wedding reception and the bridal couple must greet each guest in a long line.Turkish brides may wear a red cape and the traditional Chinese wedding gown is red with gold adornments of auspicious motifs while firecrackers are a part of weddings in order to scare away evil spirits. Henna is sometimes a part of Turkish weddings too, except that the bride returns to her parental home the morning after her wedding vows for the henna ritual.

Wedding customs are similar because of what they connote; after all, for all communities the aim of marriage remains the same – a fulfilling commitment and pledge for a long time to come. Whether we turn to technology for a marriage partner online or believe in providence, this aim remains steadfast.

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