Captialism Supports Individuality

By: Kasey Grizzell

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Don't Give People What You Earn

Capitalism is the belief that everyone should have their individual thoughts and property. People are more independent this way. The competition of sellers and producers run the economy. The government is not involved with the economy so people are more independent unlike communist beliefs.
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Adam Smith

Adam Smith was the philosopher that created the idea of capitalism. His document "The Wealth of Nations" was argued to be the most important document in that year. Smith's theory was that when a person looks out only for him or herself prosperity is created. The reason this became so popular was because very little government was involved so the people felt more in control. People were independent and just wanted to care for themselves.

Countries with Capitalism

Germany, United States of America, China, India, and Japan are the top 5 countries that believe in capitalism. All of these countries believe if the producer can earn money from a product and the consumer will pay for it, then both people are benefited. So the government in these countries stay out of the market most of the time.