At the Mariemont High School Library

About the MakerSpace

The MakerSpace is a hands-on space in the library where you can create, explore, tinker, design, and DIY. The library houses a growing number of tools and supplies which you may not have access at home. We also offer books and weekly instructable lessons to help you find a starting point.

Join us for Maker Tuesdays!

Each Tuesday after school in the Library's MakerSpace, we'll have a quick instructional lesson on a tool or method to invent, design, make, tinker, or otherwise explore. Check Blackboard and announcements for this week's topic and let us know if you have an idea for an event or want to lead one!


Here is a list of helpful instructables websites.
Ask Mrs. Colpi or Mrs. Morris about our instructables books!

You can help!

You can help! We still need here to see a list of what we need donated.