"Leading in Critical Times"

Seize the Moment !

Seize the Moment !

When I was growing up my cousin introduced me to a latin phrase. Firstly, I thought he was so cool anyway. He introduced me to a phrase "carpe diem" which in Latin means, seize the day. I want to tell you today, to seize the moment. My mother would always teach me, "Son, time is your most valuable asset, don't waste time". I want to encourage you today to seize the moment. Maximize the moment and time that you have.

Everyday, we have the choice and major decision to make. Are we going to sit back and sulk in self-pity, feeling sorry, or are we going to seize the moment?

Nows not a time to count how many doors aren't opening, but nows the time to recognize the limitless opportunities that abound around you. Move forward, Let God open your eyes, & SEIZE THE MOMENT!

What Now? - Revelation Knowledge Discovering the Next Step

Friday, Aug. 2nd 2013 at 7pm

East Dallas Church of God

if you're a leader in business, technology, and or consulting, you are not going to want to miss this conference.

Gateway Worship- Revelation Song led by Kari Jobe
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