Witch and Wizard: book 2

by James Patterson

project by: Nichole Secrist


This story starts off when Wisty and Whit's friend, Margo, was kidnapped and she was about to be killed. Whit's girlfriend Celia was also kidnapped by the same bad man who took Margo (the "bad man" is someone after Wisty's gift). A few days after Wisty joins a band, she falls in love with Eric, a band mate who will betray her to save his own life. Whit and Wisty get caught and are taken to jail with others like them. The man gave them many tests to take to get Wisty to show her true or full power. After a week of testing they finally see how powerful her power is. When he ask Wisty for her power she says no. He got mad and throw Whit and Wisty into a big dark room, then he made the room freeze so cold it was like the south pole. Byron a boy who loves Wisty is helping and thinking of a way to get Wisty and Whit out without getting them caught including himself. What do you think will happen? Will they get out in time or will they freeze to death?

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