The Titanic

This ship has no limit of exiting things to explore.

Would You Like To Ride?

Are you rich and wealthy, or are you an immigrant getting a new start in America? No matter what your budget is we have a cabin for you. The worlds biggest and newest ship "The Titanic". It is and unsinkable, iceberg proof ship that will get you from one place to another with no risk of harm. A safe secure boat with many life boats to go around. It would be our pleasure to welcome you on board.
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First Class

Only rich and wealthy have rooms that are at the top of the ship. The rooms for first class are very large rooms with luxurious features. They also have their own private restrooms. Did you know that there is even a swimming pool that cost 25 cents. The first class ticket cost starts at approximately $2,500.

Second Class

If you have a smaller budget, as in a teacher or a merchant we could accommodate you in this section. These cabins in the middle of the ship are more affordable, but still provide a good deal of space and comfort. The rooms are medium sized rooms with two beds and a shared a bathroom. These tickets have prices starting at approximately $60.

Third Class

Are you a recent immigrant with very limited funds. These cabins are located in the bottom portion of the ship. They consist of smaller more budget friendly rooms with two sets of bunk beds. The eating arrangement is in a cafeteria setting. The ticket cost for these rooms start at approximately $40.