Nord's Newsletter

April 4-8, 2016


This week in reading will be very similar to last week. We will be working on summarizing text with only writing the MOST important details from the story and identifying the Point of View of a character in the story.


Before we take Unit 8's test, we will again review characteristics of polyhedrons, play measurement BINGO and review for the test. Test will be on Wednesday.

Our LAST unit in EveryDay Math will start on Thursday. It too, is a short unit so I'll spend the last couple of weeks before school lets out going over place value and hit more story problems.

Unit 9 is working to develop more understanding of multiplication and division as students apply basic fact knowledge to mentally solve number stories and multiply larger factors.

Making 3D Models

Visual Art Night

Visual Art Night was a HUGE success!! Mrs. Lenhart worked very hard to put out several different art stations for Webster families to participate in. With the help of Webster staff, art work was hung up all around the building too. I saw a few students from our class there but wasn't able to take any pictures while I was supervising the ''Graffiti Wall". I brought two of my helpers from home with me, and they too, were able to get in the action. What a Fun, Fun evening!


ALL 26 cursive lowercase letters have been taught to the students. I will start having them write more cursive in daily assignments now with all letters taught. In the next few weeks, we'll be finishing the cursive book. More practice pages are left to finish up with.

Weekley Schedule and Important Dates

Monday (4/4): Guidance & Computer Lab
**Running Club Begins**
Tuesday (4/5): PE
Wednesday (4/6): Music
**Show Choir and Jazz Band perform from UMS**
Thursday (4/7): Art
**FAMILY dining out at PANERA BREAD**
Friday (4/8): PE

Dates to Remember:
*April 14th-Civic Center
*April 15th-Meals for the Heartland-- Return field trip permission slip
*Late Start days will be April 13 and 17th
*April 29-J-Hawk Assembly with kindergarten and 3rd grade performing