Third Grade's November Newsletter

It is hard to believe that we have completed our first quarter of third grade. As the fall weather starts to turn colder, please remind your child to bring a jacket with them to school to wear at recess time. Please remember to send your child with a water bottle each day.


Currently, we are working on multiplication and division with a strong focus on arrays (rows and columns). Students will be using this knowledge to then work on problems involving area.


During Quarter 2 we will be focusing on Science. Our first unit is on Weather and Climate. We will return to Social Studies at the start of quarter four.

English Language Arts (ELA)

This month we will be focusing on reading informational texts. Students will be working on finding the main idea and supporting details as well as understanding the purpose and using text features. For writing we will be

working on writing a paragraph which contains a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a concluding sentence. Our current word study unit is on bonus letters (-f, -l, -s, and -z). The next word study units will be on glued sounds (-all, -am, an, -ng, -nk).

Important Dates

  • November 5th

    • Early Dismissal

    • End of Quarter 1

  • November 12

    • No School, Parent Teacher Conferences

  • November 16

    • Make-Up Picture

    • Quarter 1 Reports Issued

  • November 24-26

    • No School, Thanksgiving Break

  • December 1

    • November Reading Calendar Due