Jennifer Isom

A memoir


  1. What are your beliefs about how we should react towards death?

  2. Should we be afraid of death, or should we embrace it?

  3. What is your opinion about the current state of the world?

  4. How do you think we can improve the state of the world?

  5. How, in your opinion, can someone achieve a truly meaningful life?

  6. What are your core values?

  7. What are your beliefs on forgiveness?

  8. How can you truly and completely forgive someone?

  9. What do you think is the biggest problem in society?

  10. How do you think we could fix this problem?

  11. Is money truly the answer to anything in life?

  12. What is the main problem with the modern school system in your opinion?

  13. If you could go back in time and give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?

  14. How can we improve our relationships with others?

  15. What is the main problem with people’s relationships with others?

  16. Do you believe that technology has made people lazy?

  17. What other problems do you think technology has caused?

  18. What are the main problems with modern politics?

  19. What are your biggest regrets in life?

  20. Do you believe that we will ever truly achieve world peace? Why?

Her Responses

  1. I believe that we should not internalize it, and we should actually deal with the pain so we can heal.

  2. Both, because we need to be afraid of it to preserve ourselves, but when the time comes, we need to embrace it and know it’s time to move on.

  3. I guess that I’m disappointed how we are a very distractible society, and that the media can get us to focus on one specific thing, while making us ignore several other things that are more important.

  4. By teaching people to not look at what is just presented to them, but teaching them to look at the big picture. Because when you look at the world in the small scope of your beliefs, you fail to see the other things around you.

  5. By doing a job you actually love, surrounding yourself with people you like, and not putting off until tomorrow what can be done today.

  6. To be as polite and respectful as you can because it costs nothing. To work as hard as you can, because then you know that you can done all you can, to love as openly as you can, so that you can find that love as well.

  7. That it is always possible, but if asked to forgive the same thing more than once, the trust will never be there again.

  8. When they not only vocalize, but show with their every action that they are not repeating the same behavior, they can be forgiven.

  9. It’s a lot like #3, but in the case of our specific society, it is mostly the case that so many people expect other people to get their job done.

  10. By teaching everyone, especially the younger generations to rely on themselves instead of always relying on someone else.

  11. No it’s not, but it certainly makes many situations easier if you have it.

  12. Forcing the teachers to teach by a system instead of by teaching by what their students actually need to learn.

  13. To actually study while in college, instead of thinking it’s as easy as it was in high school

  14. To actually make time in your life to spend it with those who are important to you, but making sure that they are willing to make the same sort of time for you.

  15. That they are often one sided, and one person cares more than the other, and the other isn’t willing to give back the same sort of time and commitment.

  16. Absolutely, without a doubt.

  17. It gives people the feeling that they know a lot more than they actually do on a subject.

  18. There are several actually, it’s that instead of voting for the people that actually elected them into the office, people are voting for the corporations that sponsor them, that everybody has been grouped into two major political parties, instead of showing all the viewpoints that are available, and that today’s politics have become a form of entertainment for the masses instead of being a serious debate.

  19. Not finishing college, not staying in contact with several of my close friends, and letting myself become as unhealthy as I am.

  20. I wish we would, but no I don’t, because we have many great and varying points of view, and everyone will not ever agree.