double fudge


fudge life

fudge was so happy that uncle feather speak what fudge was saying and he was so happy that he got a grate brother and he has a great mom and dad and uncle feather say what ever there family are saying and it funy but fudge is not a good kid at all and they live in a big town that whene octuber comes that howwie family is going to come to hollowen whith fudge family

fudge family life

fudge family is really nise because they sometime give him evrything that he wants and he likes that.his family is always happy because they let cousin howie enter at there house and mini broke fudge bird named uncle feather and fudge was not happy.his family are kind exept fudge brother named jimmy

how did fudge find his best friend

fudge find his best friend when the howies family came to there house and fudge found mini and there were friend but mini ruth fudge bird named uncle feather

we are your friend

fudge did not find a friend but he just have his best brother named jimmy and his parents and howies guys and the howie came to be fudge best friend