Problem Solving Toolbox

Unlock word problems through the process standards

Work a few minutes by yourself!

The Marriage Problem

In a particular small town, 2/3 of the men are married to 3/5 of the women. What fraction of the entire population are married?

Now work with a partner or group

Be prepared to share out your experiences.

While You Watch the Video:

How do the teacher and the students:

  • encourage/support/promote justifying solutions/strategies?
  • encourage/support/promote formulating a plan/strategy?
  • encourage/support/promote evaluating problem solving process?

Encouraging Students to Persist Through Challenges

Create Anchor Charts

For the piece of the B Process Standard you are assigned:

  • What could students do that would demonstrate this piece?
  • What kinds of questions can I ask my students to support this piece?
Teaching Fraction Problem Solving