Computer Scientist

Jonathan Coyt's Individual Career Plan


I will be discussing what a computer scientist does as well as how much a computer scientist is payed and the educational courses a computer scientist must partake in.
I will need to have at least 4 years of Math, English and Science in order to become a computer scientist. The entry wage of being a computer scientist which is; $35,880. Then it shows the median wage which is; $66,520.

About me

I am currently a freshman in high school. I am planning on attending Caltech which is in California and plan on studying computer science. My dream job is to become a computer scientist because i really like working with computers. In my near future, I would love to become a computer scientist because the person that inspired me to want to pursue my career in computer science was Steve Jobs. He is the one who inspired me because even though he is deceased he made a huge corporation, which is amazing. It is incredibly fascinating how he started from working in a garage to one of the biggest firms in history. He showed me that you should work where you feel comfortable because work is a huge part of your life so you want it to satisfy you. I believe I am a good fit in this career because I work well with computers and I like working with computers, I also help those who don’t really know on how to work with a computer, tablet, cell phone, iPod, etc.
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These are pictures of iMacs which is one of the many products of apple. Which were innovated by none other than Steve Jobs
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This Steve Jobs who is the founder of the big company Apple who is sadly dead but he still has a big toll in my life. He thought me that starting a company from a garage is okay because look where it brought him.