David Tessier

Duties and Responsibilities

Psychologists study how people feel and act when they are alone and with other people. They also try to explain and sometimes change people's behavior if it is harmful to themselves or others. Another duty is to help people adjust to new and stressful situations.

Education Required

If you are looking to be a psychologist, you must have a master's degree in psychology, a doctorate and license is required from state, and helpful high-school classes include foreign language (minimum of 2 years), chemistry and anatomy.

Salary and Job Outlook

In Wisconsin, the average salary is between $33,810 and $105,610 per year. If you are looking for this occupation, you will have good employment opportunities.

Working Places and Conditions

Psychologists work fixed hours, sometimes during the evenings, and must be ready for an emergency appointment. Psychologists usually work in offices and hospitals, as well as in colleges and universities.

I picked this job because I enjoy working with other people and helping them solve problems.

I could see myself doing this job because I think that I have great people skills.