Kauffman Stadium


About Kauffman staudium

Kauffman Stadium (or "The K") has longed been one of the most beautiful MLB baseball parks in the country. It was opened in 1973 and since then has hosted 74,345,705 fans, the 1973 and 2012 all star games, and three world series (1980, 1985, 2014). With it's biggest jumbo tron in the league and its iconic fountains, this is a popular tourist attraction. It holds 37,903

The fountains

The best known feature of kauffman stadium is its iconic fountains located in the right and left field areas. The fountains are on display before and after the games and in between innings. It has a non-stop roaring flow. It is the world largest privately funded fountain.

The Jumbo-tron

When the jumbo-tron at the K was first put in it was the largest high definition jumbo-tron in the world. It is 84 ft wide and 105 ft tall. It shows pretty much anything you would want to know about the game.
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Buck-O-Neil legacy seat

The buck-O-Neil legacy seat is a red seat behind home plate the honors Buck-O-Neil, a first baseman for the Kansas City Monarchs Negro Leagues team. Every game a person sits in the seat that has done something to help out the community. They get a plaqe and get recognized for what they did. Do something nice and you might just be able to sit in this seat!
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There are four statues in the stadium. They are all located around the outfield. The first being George Brett who has won multiply MVP's and a world series. Next, Frank White. He was a player and coach for the Kansas City Royals. Next is Dick Howser. He coached the 1985 world series champions the Kansas City Royals. Last is Ewing Kauffman. He was the owner who founded the royals.

Places in the ballpark

When the stadium was re-innovated in 2008, they made some changes. The biggest change being the outfield experience witch added a "little k" many new fun games, putt-putt golf, a hall of fame area, many new bars witch over look the stadium, new stores and a baskin Robbins.

Firework Friday

Every Friday night home game there are fireworks after the game. Many people enjoy this. The firework show lasts for 10 minutes.
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One promotion the draws fans in is the bobble head nights. This year there were 7 bobble head nights. Gordo-Nation is a thing where everyone in left field, (where Alex Gordon plays) where yellow Gordo-nation shirts.
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