Spurs Library News (Dec./Jan.)

Steubing Ranch Elementary

What happened these past two months?

November was a research month for first grade students. Students researched Colonial Times: Communication, Recreation, and Transportation. Each had an opportunity to experience and compare their lives to what life was like for children who lived in the Colonial times. December was also exciting and very busy in the library. Fifth grade researched alternative energy then completed a Google Slide presentation to share with the class.

What is coming next?

January third graders will be researching "Rapid Changes" or natural disasters. We will be using multiple resources and will be creating an interactive poster board on Discovery Education. Discovery Education is an awesome tool for students. All NEISD students have an account to Discovery Education to watch educational videos, play educational games, songs, and complete fun projects. You have access to this at home. Username is First Initial (capitalized) Last Name then last four of your student ID number (ex. BLong1111). The password is ne+student ID. It is a wonderful resource for you to use at home. It you have any questions on this resource please contact me in the library.

City X - Small Group

Our first group of City X curriculum participants have finished with their designs and products. Students spent several weeks learning the design process. As individuals they were given a problem to solve, brainstormed various ways to solve the problem, picked the best design, created a prototype, then built it on an online 3D design tool, then finally printed it on the library's 3D printer. Students were so engaged and loved each part of the process. In the end students made a Pic Collage on an iPad to share their model and explain what the problem was and how their design solves the problem. We were amazed at how well the students performed and are excited to continue pulling students to be a part of this great enrichment program.

Hour of Code

One hundred percent of students at Steubing Ranch participated in this year's Hour of Code program. This was part of a district initiative to expose kids to computer science. Kids loved programming and I was amazed at the number of students who wanted to continue to code. Kids can code at home. A great tool on Code.org is that when logging in, it tracks the progress of your child. Go to studio.code.org. Use the username and password that they received from their teacher. If you didn't get one and your kid would like to code, please contact me!

Library Information


  • Check out stats for :

Kinder: English-319, Spanish-86

First: English-767, Spanish-215

Second: English-716, Spanish-161

Third: English-997, Spanish-210

Fourth: English-1065, Spanish-150

Fifth: English-509, Spanish-76

Teacher Books and Resources: English-92, Spanish-11

Totals: English-4465, Spanish-909


  • Check out stats for :

Kinder: English-346, Spanish-81

First: English-822, Spanish-281

Second: English-719, Spanish-170

Third: English-946, Spanish-176

Fourth: English-1049, Spanish-147

Fifth: English-284, Spanish-36

Teacher Books and Resources: English-108, Spanish-26

Totals: English-4274, Spanish-917

  • In the month of Nov. we had 90 and Dec. we had 81 OverDrive check outs. Our numbers have dropped so I encourage parents, students, and teachers to check out more books in OverDrive. You can check out up to 5 books!
  • Research taught to 1st and 5th graders. Hour of Code for all classrooms.
  • K-5th grade classes attend weekly or bi weekly to check out books.