Book Review

Lidia Cucé


Dusk was born different. Being the freak of his colony it did not help when a winged saurian fell into the clearing in which Dusk’s entire colony lived and died. Shortly after, Dusk discovers he can fly, and suspects the saurian had something to do with it. Being the only flyer in the colonies’ tree, the sequoia, he is shunned by other chiropters. Unfortunately, being a freak of nature wasn’t the biggest problem. Birds with murderous intent, kind creatures that are not at all what they seem, and beasts developing a taste for flesh are around every corner, forcing Dusk and his colony to flee from almost everything. How many chiropters will die before Dusk leads them to a safe home? This book is not for the faint of heart and includes gore, character deaths, and sad moments. Despite other reviews, I would recommend this to ages 10-16 because of the grim overall story and eerie pictures that can catch you off-guard. However, should you get this book and are a fan of bats, animal fiction, and/or dark stories; this one is perfect for you. This book is a prequel to Silverwing, although this book takes back millions of years ago when the first bats are evolving, while Silverwing is about modern day bats. I would rate this book 5 stars because I can read this book over and over again (I’ve already have) and still can’t get enough of Dusk and his heart pounding adventures.