Swann Lion Times

Your Weekly Update about our Lion Pride!

What Our Lions Are Learning

In 6th grade, our Lions are working on nets and area in Math, Mesopotamia in Social Studies, atoms in Science, and central idea in ELA.

In 7th grade, our Lions are studying weather in Science, transformations in Math, textual evidence in ELA, and human rights in Social Studies.

In 8th grade, our Lions are learning about cause and effect in the colonial US in Social Studies, figurative language in ELA, fossils and genetics in Science, and triangle geometry in Math.

See if your Lion can tell you about the activities they've done to master their standards!

6th Grade Math Moment

6th grade mathematicians are continuing their study of nets and surface area. Challenge your student to look at the shape here. What is its surface area? How would the surface area change if the top two cubes are removed? Can they explain their reasoning? For more information about Open Up 6th Grade Units, click here!

7th Grade Math Moment

7th grade mathematicians are working on comparing equations and exploring proportional relationships. See if your student can use what they've learned this week to examine a graph that shows the price of blueberries at two different stores. Which store has a better price? Can they explain how they know? For more information about Open Up 7th Grade Units, click here!

8th Grade Math Moment

8th grade mathematicians working with triangles, angles, and parallel lines. See if your student can find the seven unknown angle measures in the diagram. Can they explain their reasoning? For more information about Open Up 8th Grade Units, click here!

Encore Corner

This week our Lions created Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portraits, practiced problem-solving skills, re-designed their classrooms, played their instruments, began their family life units, and much more! Be sure to ask your students about all the experiences they have in their Encore classes this week!

STEM Stories

This week, our geologists concluded their rock unit with presentations and an experiment with crystal growing. Students used borax and boiling water to create the reaction that grew crystals on pipe cleaners they had bent into artistic shapes. Try growing your own crystals at home using salt, sugar, Epsom salts, or borax! https://learning-center.homesciencetools.com/article/crystal-growing-science/

Noticias de Spanish Immersion

This week, Spanish Immersion students had the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by playing games from the Spanish-speaking world. Thank you to all the parents who came and volunteered at the field day! Try some of the games out at home this weekend: https://www.spanish.academy/blog/8-traditional-hispanic-games-to-play-at-home-or-in-class/

Go Lions!

This week, our girls' volleyball team beat Jackson, but lost to Southeast before beating Hairston! Our boy's soccer team had a successful scrimmage against Jackson, but lost to Southeast and Hairston. Our football team played hard but lost to Northeast, and our cheerleaders and drumline and dance team had awesome first performances at the football game. Join us next week to cheer on our Lion Pride! See the website here for the calendar.


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