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Raymond Park Intermediate Academy

December 7, 2018

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Dear Parents,

December 10 opens our NWEA testing window - our students have been busy goal-setting for the mid-year test! Any student who meets or exceeds their growth goal will earn an out of dress code pass! Students will even be eligible to earn TWO passes if they meet their growth goals in both Reading and Math!

During the 2017-18 Legislative Session, State Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 355, which required all public schools to provide age-appropriate research, evidence-based instruction, child abuse education, and policies on child abuse and child sexual abuse to students in kindergarten through grade 12.

On December 17, 2018 your child will be using the Think First; Stay Safe child personal safety program. Think First; Stay Safe teaches students skills to help them stay safe. Presentations will be given by the Indiana University School of Social Work, Marion County Department of Child Services, and Warren staff and administration. Our learners will be taught the importance of treating one another with kindness and respect. They will also learn about personal boundaries and their right to have their boundaries respected by others.

The program’s interactive lessons help children differentiate between healthy and unhealthy behaviors. The program gives students regular reminders that trusted adults are available to help with their safety, and are available to talk to any time.

Below you will find the letters with this information if needed.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!

Carey Storm


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