By: Kadin P.

Little Girl

One beautiful, sunny day, a girl with a flowery dress and a sun hat was picking dandelions. she was just quietly whistling cheerfully and happily, when all of the sudden a large black rift appeared in the ground!

Then came out came a man with golden armor, a jet black horse, and a black hood on. The man was Hades, God of the Underworld. He took the girl and dragged her down to the underworld with him. The last thing she saw, was darkness.

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While the rift opened one of Athena's aids could feel the darkness and death and saw the girl getting kidnapped. She went back to Athena and told her, "Your daughter has been kidnapped by Hades! He took her to the underworld." Athena was furious, so she went to go and get her back.

When she went to the underworld and saw her daughter sitting in a dark corner, afraid of what might happen to her, Athena sent a whole army on to Hades. He was fighting and squirming but he was no match for Athena's army.

Every time one of Athena's men dies sand, dirt, and solid rock pile up on him and the pile grows so large and tall that it grazes the Earth's surface and makes what we call now, islands.

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