Ms. Reed's Super Students

Week of Sept. 8th- Sept. 11th

Friendly Reminders

Planners- Must be signed every night! Even if homework is not completed! There may be some notes written in from me! I try to pick two students daily to receive a positive entry every day!

Homework- Still not required but highly encouraged! Print it out from the weekly email and have them turn it in in any format no later than the following Tuesday.

Pictures- Please send pictures for our safe place! The kids are always so curious and it's a great way to help them feel ownership of our classroom. Only three families have done so, so far!

Patriot Day (Friday)- Wear red, white and blue in honor of 9/11 (Those that do will be featured on our Instagram as well as next week's newsletter!)

Celebrate Carroll (9/4)

This week we learned alot!

Math Workshop-

  1. We have finally introduced 3 digit numbers! Ask your child about place value and how numbers change when we add or subtract 100
  2. Problem Solving- We have introduced a rubric to help them become Experts at problem solving by using a new skill every week! This week the focus was "Connections"

Reading Workshop-

  1. Grammar Talks- Introducing and Identifying Transition Words
  2. Reading with Purpose- First we identified the purpose or motivation for reading different genres and then we began establishing our own purposes for reading!

Writing Workshop-

We have been writing small moments that we care about, just like real writers do. This week we are taking topics we care about and writing in different genres and formats like letters (emails) or lists! We made connections to real world examples such as when the waiter comes to your table and writes your order, or you need to make a grocery list.


We are still classifying matter! We are diving deeper into the physical properties that allow us to sort matter and identify solids, liquids and gases. We even got to use iPads on Tuesday!

Social Studies(Fridays)- Community Helpers. Reading in groups and identifying the different types of community helpers and how they are beneficial to our community.

A Picture walk through our week!

Dont miss out!

Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Sep. 11th, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Wear Red, White and Blue in honor of Patriot Day!

Superkid of the week!

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