Causes Of The American Revolution

Proclamation of 1763

During this time the king did not allow the colonists to move to the ohio river valley, because he did not want another expensive war

Stamp act of 1765

during the stamp act there was a tax on paper. many colonists. many colonists were angry. the sons of liberty burned paper in the streets.

The Townshends Act 1767

During the Townshend act there was a tax on glass,lead,paints,paper,and tea.

The boston massacre

The boston Massacre started when a guard was struck on the head with a club and he retaliated by shooting. 5 colonists were killed

The Tea Act

The tea act allowed the British east India company to sell tea directly to the colonists.

The Boston Tea Party

Colonists disguised as Indians snuck onto the three tea-filled ships and dumped the tea into the Boston harbor.

The Intolerable Acts

during the intolerable acts the Boston harbor was blockaded until the ruined tea was paid for

Lexington and Concord

It was a shot heard around to start the revolution