Carnelle F. Adkins Jr.

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement: Carnelle

Personal Statement

4th quarter. 1 minute until victory. Moody prepared to punt, It was short punt that was not for me, but U caught it and ran it back 60 yards. I always get a pick every game. I am able to see where the ball is going next. I am very fast! I have a passion for playing football, basketball, and running track. I am a very good athlete. I can play all sports. If you teach me how to play it. I can excel. I would prefer a job that involves sports, but I like doing more things than that. That's just the athletic part of me.

I have been a student at Byrd now for three years and it has been a pleasure. My grades are my first priority. I work hard and mostly have "B's " and "C's". Am also very smart at using the computer. I know how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and also know how to make a movie and more. Getting a job is my next step to reaching my goal. Thank you for consoling me. You won't be sorry- I'm Carnelle Adkins - have a nice day.



Harry Flood Byrd Middle School 2010-2012


-Byrd football team 2012

-Byrd basketball team 2012

-Byrd track team 2012


-word processing

-Spanish (a little)

Work Experience Journal

12/21/2012 To prepare for my work experience I have worked in S'more: digital portfolio creation and management. It's a training site to help me learn to make a website. I have prepared a video - recording my personal statement. I have learned how to collaborate with other students and staff. The value of dressing professionally and using manners is very important because it helps you show respect to other people.

1/25/2013 Today Mr. Timok took my picture for my Professional ID Badge. Also, I had an interview with Mrs. Amanda Boyd, and it went well. Mrs. Hyman help me my create a QR code.

1/30/2013 I wrote my letter to Mrs. Jadlowski to ask for her help to make my ID badge. I finished up URL code and my letter. I learned how to tie a tie. I also made some appointments for my interviews.

12/21/2013 Today I have been working with Mrs. Bullen and mostly I have been watching and learning new things.

2/6/2013 Today I cut a lot of flash cards and it took me most of the period. Flash cards took a lot of time but it was worth it because a lot of people like using them.

1/25/2013 I worked for Mrs. Bullen until she was done with me, and then I went to Mrs. Mistir and helped her out with things like my grades and papers.

2/13/2013 I had nothing to do today with Mrs. Bullen, so I helped Alex, another worker. We were helping Mrs. Ray with Valentines. We put pixie sticks together for all of her students.

2/15/2013 Today we learned how to copy papers, and also laminate. It was cool and useful. I am hoping I get to use it another day.

2/20/2013 Today I was delivering paper and notes from the office and also computers. It was all fun because I was walking around delivering things to people's class rooms.

2/22/2012 Today, I was teaching an advanced student things that I know. I showed him how to understand them by helping, and working with him. We started off slow but than he got to understand that work, and later on we started to roll.

2/27/2013 Today I was again helping another worker named Alex and we were talking but we got the job done quick and easy. This job is starting to more easy.

3/1/2013 Today I was not working because I got in trouble, but I understand what I did wrong and I know it will not happen again.

3/6/13 Snow day!

3/8/13 I went to the library to coped and than cut out some paper. and than i was done for the day.

3/13/13 I cut out papers and went to the library and help Gregory.

3/15/13 I worked with pronoun and verb with student in that class.

4/10/13 I was Laminating some paper that was going to be a class set.

4/12/13 I was Laminating some paper that was going to be a class set.

4/17/13 Cutting out papper for Classes.

4/19/13 We help mrs. white and richards

4/24/13 I was laminating and cutting for the whole block. The job was easy but I had to carry it on until next time I worked.

4/26/13 Today I finish cut out all the papers and turning them into the student that needed the papers.

5/1/13 Today I was going to the English classes getting the textbooks. It was hard at first but it was ok.

5/3/13 Also again today i was getting textbook and they were even heavy but it was fun, doing the paper work

5/8/13 I was moving books into a different room because they were in the wrong place. There was alot of book and all of them was very heavy.

5/10/13 Today again I move book into another room. This time we had cart to push down the hall.


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