How much time do coral reefs have?

By Shannon and Dez

What is a coral reef?

A coral reef is a rare ecosystem that thrives in warmer climates, it is one of the biggest ecosystems on the earth, they are usually near the equator. Coral is made up of thousands of tiny animals called polyps that have been turned into limestone, the coral can be a variety of colors, and is home to many animals. A coral reef is an ecosystem where every organism depends on each other. So why is global warming such a big problem to coral reefs? Coral reefs are becoming bleached and ruined because of the contents that are being dumped into the oceans by humans and factories all around the world. The more pollution that goes into the water the more fish and coral are dying. Because one organism in the reef dies out it directly affects another species in the ecosystem. It evolves into a chain reaction and coral reefs are disappearing and being ruined more frequently than what was happening many years ago.