Africa History

21st Century Africa Issues

There are many 21st century issues in Africa. For example, the issues start from droughts and desertification to poverty and famine, plus every where in between.

The poverty rate for Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa varies. Kenya has a poverty rate of 43.4% which is lower than Nigeria's who has a poverty rate of 70%. South Africa has a poverty rate of 35.9%, which is lower than both Kenya and Nigeria. The reason why Nigeria has such a high poverty rate is because of the rapid growing population. Also, South Africa must have a higher literacy rate than the other two countries because it has a lower poverty rate. This must mean that they have jobs, and you need an education to get a job. There for they have a high literacy rate.

Now, moving on to birth rates. The birth rate in Kenya is 26.4 births out of a population of 1,000. Nigeria's birth rate is 37.64 out of a population of 1,000. South Africa's birth rate is 20.75 also out of a population of 1,000. I can conclude from my research that Nigeria has the highest growing population. Another thing I can infer from the information I found is that South Africa has the lowest growing population out of these countries.

Next, I'm going to be talking about the death rates in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Kenya's death rate is 6.89 out of a population of 1,000. Also, Nigeria's death rate is 12.9 out of a population of 1,000 people.


Apartheid means separateness. In South Africa laws were made to enforce segregation. During this time whites were treated much better than African Americans. Apartheid allowed many Europeans to gain wealth and power, while on the other hand African Americans were poorly treated and suffered. This law of racism and unfair treatment lasted in South Africa until 1993. Apartheid first stared when other parts of the word were becoming more critical, racist, and all together unfair.

While apartheid was happening South Africans were classified by their skin color. People of different races were separated. Every one had separate schools, libraries, hospitals, beaches and many other buildings. Believe it or not ,whites were in much better conditions than African Americans. Citizenship was taken away by the Dutch-controlled government.

South Africans formed groups like National Congress (ANC) to protest against their poor treatment. The ANC was founded in 1912. Also, in 1973 the United Nations defined apartheid as a crime against humanity. In the 1990's F.W. de Klerk was elected president of South Africa, and started to weaken apartheid. He ended laws against the ANC, agreed to officially end apartheid, and to create a democracy in South Africa. Also, De Klerk released Nelson Mandela from prison. Mandela was the leader of the ANC. In 1994 he was the first African American democratically elected president in South Africa. This is a major mille stone in history.

Africa Colonization Map

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