C.A.M.P Newsletter

March 2014

Greetings Mentors!

We hope that you enjoyed our first student run event C.A.M.P Mixer. We thank you all for those who came out last Saturday and we are thrilled to give you updates of what C.A.M.P and Y.P.O.P has been working on!

C.A.M.P Mixer

March Mixer is the first student run event in C.A.M.P. With the support of the AYEP staff and volunteers, these 18 students from our Asian Youth Empowerment Program(AYEP) were able to conceptualize, plan, and implement a social gathering and network building event where they connected with their mentors for the first time. The students also created the program agenda for the event and facilitated various team building and networking activities for their mentors, including Speed Dating and Step on the Line.

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For more pictures of the mixer, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/BPSOS.DelVal

Women Against Abuse - Sexual Health workshop

Students at YPOP learn about the stages of abusive relationships and the sexual health behind it. The students were also split into groups--jeopardy style and challenged each other on sexual heath education.

Movement building workshop and Kun Yang Lin Dance showcase

YPOP attends a dance workshop focusing on their inner qi. The students were also given a chance to watch private dance sessions of Kun Yang Lin's upcoming showcase.

Electoral Organizing Planning Session with VIYO (Vietnamese Immigrant Youth Organization)

YPOP and VIYO students had a joint meeting for an electoral planning session. Students will be participating in promoting services for the upcoming election.

"Where I Come From" Theatre Workshop by Rick Shiomi

Students at YPOP learned about their identity through poetry and spontaneous acting with the help of Rick Shiomi.

BPSOS Delaware Valley: Career Mentorship Pipeline (C.A.M.P)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at BpsosCAMP@gmail.com